• Open a New Strategy:

    • Click on the '+' icon to open a new strategy.

    Load a Condition Block:

    • Load a 'Condition' block by pressing on it.
    • Connect it to the 'Start' block by linking the blue squares.

    Configure the Condition:

    • Drop a metric block inside the condition block to configure your condition.

    Add Conditions:

    • Add conditions to create the logic of your strategy.

    Finalize the Strategy:

    • Finish off all endpoints of the strategy with a 'Buy', 'Sell', or 'Wait' block.

    Deploy Your Strategy:

    • You've now created a strategy!
    • Backtest and deploy your strategy on a ticker by pressing the 'Backtest' or 'Deploy' buttons.
  • Your strategy is executed starting at the 'Start' node, and follows the logical path of created conditions. A strategy scheduled to start 'Every Day' will be executed once a day, ending when it reaches a 'Buy', 'Sell', or 'Wait' block.

  • A condition block is either true or false. If the condition is true, the strategy executes down the green path (green box), if it is false, the red path (red). To create the condition, put two blocks inside of it, and select the criteria. For example, 'Open Price' > 'Close Price'.

  • For now, you can only test your strategy on one asset at a time. However, we are implementing multi-asset testing soon.

  • As many as you want!

  • You have a simulated portfolio with a set amount of cash available ($10,000,000). When you deploy a strategy, you allocate a certain amount of cash to it. Your buying power will decrease by the amount of cash you deploy to a strategy.

  • To close a strategy, visit the dashboard, and select the strategy you want to close. Then, click on the pause icon to close the strategy. Your positions will be closed at market value, and the cash from the strategy will be available for use in other strategies.

  • Send us a message by clicking on the feedback button above. We will answer your question promptly over email.